Get to Know:

Pierre-Luc Carrière

Owner of Nordik Café based in Blainville, Quebec

Interview with Pierre-Luc Carrière, Owner of Nordik Café

With ten years of restaurant experience under his belt, Pierre-Luc Carrière opened up Nordik Café in 2019 as a place for customers to enjoy quality brunch and specialty coffee. We sat down with Pierre-Luc to learn more about his personal journey and the story behind Nordik.

What is your personal coffee story?

My career has always been in the food industry. I was a chef for ten years and always had the passion and desire to open my own restaurant. When I became a dad, my whole routine and view changed. I used to see restaurants as an evening and dinner experience, but now I find that brunch works the best for my schedule.
My coffee journey started in 2017 when a friend of mine started their own coffee roasting business. He roasted small batches in his garage, and I really loved to go over and watch him work! I learned a lot from him and his family who were already in the coffee industry. He showed me how to choose coffee to source and taste coffee through cuppings. I saw a lot of similarities between the food and the coffee industry. I loved the precision involved and the care for high quality ingredients in both fields.

When did you decide to roast your own coffee at Nordik?

I opened Nordik Café in 2019 and, at first, I sold the coffee my friend roasted. It wasn’t until ten months later that I bought my first roaster and started to roast in the shop myself. I really love being able to roast the style of coffee that my customers love.
Why did you decide on the name Nordik?

Nordik is an allusion to the Scandinavian way. The way they respect their products is how we try to respect our coffee. Our design elements and the shop were also inspired by Scandinavian design.

What do you think is the key to running a successful business?

Business is people. Be attentive.

How would you describe your roasting style?

My experience in restaurants and as a chef has taught me many things that have inspired my roasting style! For example, the general respect of the product and the ingredients. I am as attentive to coffee as I am to food. I’ve tasted many coffees that are, in my opinion, “undercooked”, and I always strive to develop my coffee enough to make sure that the beans reach their full potential. I think it’s easier for the customers to extract this way as well!