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Let's go on a Coffee Adventure! ✈️

Here at The Roasters Pack, our goal is to take you on a coffee adventure. Think of us as your tour guide through the delicious world of specialty coffee and craft roasters.

Our Coffee Origin Story 🌎

Back in late 2013, I (Suneal) tasted a cup of specialty coffee. It was… spectacular.

“What’s the heck is up with this cup? Why does it taste… so good?!”

It definitely sparked some intrigue (it was an Ethiopian Natural, of course - if you know, you know).

But my main challenge with coffee?

I wanted to try new coffees, but it wasn’t easy or convenient to get my hands on specialty coffee.

I wanted to learn more about coffee. But... there wasn’t an easy way to do that either.

So, I reached out to my good pal Adam and we met up for a coffee in Kitchener-Waterloo. I shared with him the idea for a coffee discovery project… and he was into it!

That day, we sketched out some logo ideas and started working on the concept, and landed on the name.

The Roasters Pack ☕☕☕

After eight years here we are! Thousands of bags of coffee packed and labeled and shared with people all around Canada and the world.

Every month, we worked to make the experience better. We got some press! We made more tweaks. We learned about the challenges with coffee sourcing equitably. We met some of you at different coffee events. We hired incredible people (see the team below)! Our team has grown, but every day our main goal stays the same:

We want to be your coffee tour guide. Think of us like your nerdy coffee friend.

We do have a few other goals though, like growing specialty coffee, breaking down coffee education barriers, and also… making coffee simple. But we’ll talk more about that below. First, let us introduce you to the team!


Suneal Pabari, Co-Founder of The Roasters Pack

Co-Founder. Does a little bit of everything, but is very obsessed with making fun coffee experiences. Loves the variety in coffee, but is a sucker for a washed Honduran or a fruit-bomb Colombian. Has strong opinions about the Calgary Flames and has recently become addicted to climbing things (mainly rocks or walls).


Head of Operations. Ensures every pack gets sent out without a sweat. Loves Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees that have a nice dose of fruity acidity.



Content and Community Manager. Gets to interview all the roasters we feature. You have probably seen her getting excited about new coffees on our Instagram. Loves washed Ethiopian or super juicy Kenyan coffees, creating her own recipes and escaping into a book or a long movie.



Director of Coffee. Works with the best Canadian roasters to curate our subscription boxes. Creates brew guides as a coffee education super nerd. Has a terrible habit of always ordering a washed Colombian or Ethiopian pour over. Loves making ceramic coffee cups, and is also a cooking enthusiast!



Production Assistant. Can crush packing 500 boxes in an afternoon without breaking a sweat. Loves light-medium roast coffees with floral and fruity profiles, painting, and performance art.



Production Assistant. The “Weigh and Fill” wizard. Ensures coffee is packed and shipped. Loves washed Ethiopian and Papua New Guinea coffees. A voracious reader and an avid writer.

Other Projects from The Roasters Pack

Leaderboard Coffee

Leaderboard Coffee

Leaderboard Coffee is a coffee game: Taste 10 coffees blind. Answer questions for up to a score of 100 points. 20 make it on the Leaderboard. First place wins prizes and all the glory.

A collaboration with Culture Coffee Project, our goal is to educate enthusiasts, challenge professionals, and bring the community together through coffee.

This Coffee Co

This Coffee Co.

Our mission with This Coffee Co. is to grow specialty coffee.

We’re bringing interesting, exclusive lots of coffee to specialty coffee nerds. Supporting producers who are moving to specialty, or trying something new or innovative.

We’re also bringing higher grade, specialty coffees to the grocery aisle, cafes, and restaurants. Consistent, straightforward, easy to understand, and super delicious coffees.

Matchmaker Coffee

Matchmaker Coffee

Matchmaker Coffee is coffee that you know you’re going to love.

Take our six coffee blind taste test and your personal coffee-matchmaker will make sure you get a coffee you’ll be loving with each sip. Personalized to your tastes, just the way you like it.

The Roasters Pack Wholesale

Independent cafes are one of the most important parts of the coffee ecosystem. However, it’s not easy to run a cafe.

Rely on us to bring quality, interesting products at an affordable price to your cafe or restaurant. Our goal is to help make your business more sustainable and easier - so let’s increase your margin while bringing a better experience to your customers. Our first product? Alternative milk.

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