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This Coffee is Chocolatey - This Coffee Co.

We would describe this coffee as a super high-quality fudgy chocolate bar. But not just any chocolate bar, one that's infused with flavours of macadamia, toffee, almond, syrup, and backed with lovely notes of baked red apple. 

This coffee was produced by the Asociacion de Productores Cafetaleros Juan Marco El Palto (JUMARP), a cooperative group of 189 members in Peru.

The CO-OP invests the premiums received from these certifications in a number of important community projects, including crop renovations, a fund for education programs and the construction of schools.

We’ve also been exceptionally impressed with Peruvian coffees as of late - prepare yourself for a full-bodied, chocolatey profile that blends perfectly with milk and stands great on its own. This coffee is certified Fair-Trade and Organic.

This Coffee is Chocolatey // This Coffee is Local // This Coffee is Ethical // This Coffee is Environmentally Friendly // This Coffee is Delicious

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