A few weeks back Shoana Jensen reached out to us explaining how she was doing a segment on subscription services and wanted to feature our monthly coffee club on CityLine! Yes... the television show.

Woah, pretty cool eh?

It feels like yesterday when we first started The Roasters Pack when we were emailing every journalist to get the word out about our service. Despite all the press we've received in the past, it's still a bit surreal when an established member of the media reaches out to us.

The segment was a really great 101 on subscrip tions in Canada and she covered a few different types. Check it out here on the CityLine website - she starts talking about The Roasters Pack at the 4:05 mark of the clip.

Thanks for the segment Shoana!

November 08, 2015 — Suneal Pabari
Tags: CityLine Press

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