Brew Guide/Recipe with Video!

How to Brew
The Abid Clever

We're huge fans of the Abid Clever. Why?

This brewing device is the best of both words with the immersion that makes it a bit like a french press but with the cleanliness of the filtered brew that makes it a bit like a V60. There are some coffees that really do benefit from this duality and we really recommend testing out your coffees from each pack to see which ones works best. 

In a previous issue of our subscription, we included a brew guide for the Anchored Coffee Yubeli Ramirez where we felt this was the ideal coffee for the Clever. The deep, rich body was something that needed to be highlighted, but so did the intricacies of the black cherry acidity - which is where the Clever impeccably comes in. 

Here's a video we put together that shares our recipe. Pop it on your phone and turn on your kettle!

What You Need:

  1. Clever
  2. Filters (#4)
  3. A Kettle
  4. A Mug
  5. 20 Grams of Freshly Roasted Coffee.
  6. Scale & Timer
  7. A Grinder
  8. Foam Finger! (Optional)

The Steps:

Step 1: Boil the Water!

Boil the water temperature at 200 ℉ (93 ℃)

Step 2: Heat up the clever & Wet the filter

Use the boiling water to wet and rinse your filter & heat up your mug and Clever. Empty the water from the Clever into the Mug.

Step 3: Add in the 20 grams of ground coffee.

It should be somewhere in between fine and medium coarseness. Here’s a photo!

Step 4: Start the timer and pour in 40 grams of water

so that all the grounds are saturated. The water temperature should be around 200 F (about 30-45 seconds off boil). This part is known as the bloom, where it allows for the degassing of the CO2 from the coffee. Wait 30 seconds.

Step 5: Pour in the rest of the water in a slow circular motion.

Stop pouring once you have poured a total of 320 grams of water.

Step 6: Once the 3 minute mark hits,

tap the exterior to make sure the bed of coffee lays flat.

Step 7: Place the clever on the mug

so that the coffee starts dripping through the filter. The coffee should drip through within about 1 minute to a 1 minute and a half.

Last Step:

Put on your foam finger and drink the coffee. Enjoy!