How does this subscription work? 

This is our new, fancy, customized coffee subscription, where you’ll be choose the coffees you get in each shipment. We want to make sure you get the perfect subscription for how you drink coffee - and so, why not just let you browse our selections so you can build your perfect shipment each month?

Is shipping included?

You know it. Free shipping :) 

How do I choose my coffee selections next month?

You’ll find this in your account! We will send you a reminder email when your next coffee choices are up to browse through. It’ll all be on your account, so you just need to pop in there and pick your preferred roasts! 

How easy is it to cancel if I want to change things up?

Just like with our usual subscriptions, we’ll always send you a reminder email before you’re charged, or you can always sign into your account to see details like your next order date, the coffees in your next shipment or how to skip or cancel your order. Ezpz!

I have feedback on this!

This is music to our ears. Please do let us know how we can improve this - as it’s super new and we're actively looking to improve!

I have a question about something else

No worries - you can always send us a message here and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible!