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The Roasters Pack

International Guest Roaster

We've partnered up with roasters across the globe and brought them in to Canada so you don't have to! Try even more roasters in The Roasters Pack! How does the roasting style from Scandinavia, Central Europe, USA, or Asia, stack up against your favorite Canadian roasters? Only one way to find out.

We'll be rotating a new guest roaster every few month. Buy them standalone or bundle them with your next shipment of The Roasters Pack.

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This month:

Rose Coffee Roasters!

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland by Matt Winton, the 2021 World Brewers Cup Champion. They source the highest quality coffees from farmers they know and trust, and roast in small batches on a Stronghold S7X (only 850g of coffee is roasted per batch) to highlight brightness and sweetness. There is a great deal of care that goes into creating these championship level coffees. 

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