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Cafec Dark Roast T83 Paper Filter

A paper customized for Dark Roasts to yield maximum body and sweetness!

CAFEC designed a series of paper filters with specific compositions to help control the brewing speed in relation to the roast degree of your chosen coffee.

Optimised for highlighting body and sweetness, the Dark Roast Coffee Filters feature a lower height two-sided crepe texture and medium density. With a middling surface area, a faster flow is promoted early in the brew that slows in the later stages as fines adhesion sets in and restricts water path, yielding a more blended profile with enhanced mouthfeel.

    • Material: Virgin Pulp
    • Pack Size: 100 filters
    • Thickness: Thickness 0.22 mm
    • Density: Medium
    • Two-Side Crepe (Low-height)
    • Optimal brewing temperature: 83°C | 182°F

This paper has the “Two-Side Crepe” but the height of crepe is set to be lower. The inner crepe enables a faster flow rate early in the brew, which slows in the later stages as fines adhesion limits water path. Outer crepe maintains a cushion of air between the filter and dripper to maintain a smooth flow. This yields a a coffee focused on increasing body and highlighting sweetness.

Compare and contrast your favorite coffees against the Light T92 and then Medium T90 papers!

Fits the Hario V60-02 dripper, Hario Switch, Origami M dripper, and the Cafec Flower . 

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