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Amparo Bonita in March 2017

“We are always making an effort to source for a special coffee that is traceable to the farmer and we often get our hands on coffee that is classified as micro lot. It is a pleasure to find a coffee that tells such a great story,” shared Peter Kim, Co-founder at Timbertrain Coffee Roasters about this Colombian coffee.

This coffee is the definition of a Micro-lot. Timbertrain purchased all of this Amparo Bonitas’ coffee production – only 4 bags worth. Not only does Amparo produce incredible coffee, but she’s got a few other things going on a her farm – like being a Grandmother, growing plantains and bananas and even breeding Guinea Pigs.

“We look forward to bringing in more coffee from her in the future if we are lucky!”

"With delicate and nuanced coffees we want to insure that we have just the right amount of development to let the coffee speak for itself and not introduce flavours from roasting."

Detail in the Taste

What's fascinating is hearing Peter talk about the tastes of this coffee. Every single detail is analyzed. Here's his exceptionally accurate rundown on the coffee.

"It has different highlighting stages and when it’s hot, you almost get this molasses type of flavor from first few sips. It’s definitely well rounded and the texture is extremely silky."

"It slowly moves to next highlighting stage by really getting out that citrus notes from the cup. The first word to describe it juicy and it’s almost like grapefruit juice like that has this lively acidity yet not overwhelming to drink. Some of us associate it as being quite lemon like and the overall cup matures to the point of being similar to lime cake. It’s sweet yet has that lingering acidity that makes the coffee very enjoyable to drink."

"It even has hint of white peach tea like sensation especially when it really cools down. This is the exact type of coffee that we feel proud to serve as the coffee is so complex and dynamic and our customers can experience some of true value of specialty coffee."