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The Roasters Pack

The Office Pack Incredible Coffee for Hard Working Teams

Coffee is more than office fuel, it’s part of the work experience.

The Office Pack brings fresh coffee from independent roasters all over Canada to your workplace.

No year-old, freeze-dried coffee coffins. Just delicious beans, water, and the art of brewing.

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Fresh Roasted Canadian Coffee

Tailored For Your Office

Wide, Ever-Growing Selection

  • Share your preferences

    Want a coffee tailored to your teams' taste preferences? Try our free tasting box and run a taste test! Simply want a great variety? We have that covered too.

  • Get it Fresh

    Fresh as can be, we’ll get your coffee from the roaster to your office. We deliver with brew guides, coffee information and love in the form of amazing customer service.

  • Restock it

    We want to make sure that you’re not wasting any coffee and that the coffee you’re drinking is fresh. We’ll set you up on a recurring plan that gets the quantities perfect. No stress – just delicious coffee.


We Have the Gear.

The Office Pack Manual Brewer

Manual Brew Stations:

Each with quick tips and easy-to-follow brew guides so anyone in the office can brew delicious coffee. Set your brew area up with whatever you need: Scales and Timers, Hario V60s, Chemex’s, AeroPress’s, Abid Clevers and more!

The Office Pack Auto Brewer

Auto Brew Stations:

Get things going! We can supply your office with speedy, high volume machines. Still fresh, still incredible, just y’know... faster. Brew with the same equipment some of the best specialty coffee shops use - up to 72 to 224 8oz cups per hour.

The Extra Stuff

Milk? Check. Filters? Check. Spoons? Yep. Teas? Definitely. If it relates to brewing or enjoying great drinks at the office, we can get it for you.

Your team will also have access to special content about some of your favourite roasts, roasters, and brewing methods!

Getting Started

Tailored to Your Team

Not sure what kind of coffee is best? We'll take input from your employees, provide a taste-test and find the one that everyone loves!

The Roasters Pack Style

If your team loves trying new things, ask for The Roasters Pack style! We'll ship the latest and greatest each month, no boring stuff!

info@theroasterspack.com @theroasterspack

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