Have you heard of KRUVE? This Canadian company is finding ways to innovate on coffee to make the home drinking experience even better (which is probably music to your ears). The Specialty Coffee Association deemed their EQ Glassware as “The Best New Product in 2019”. Not bad eh?

They recently launched a new product for espresso called PROPEL, which takes your espresso to the next level. How does glassware make espresso better? Here’s Mark V, Co-Founder at KRUVE explaining:

There are many ways the PROPEL improves the drinking experience, but we could summarize into three key features: 

1) Internal Fins which improve the mixing/swirling and providing a more consistent flavour in every sip.

2) Double-to-single wall glass helps keep the coffee hot, yet cool to the touch. The single wall is also much nicer to drink from.

3) Headspace (the space above the espresso and the rim of the glass) increases nose involvement and enhances aroma.

Want to win a full set of their glassware?

This includes their new PROPEL Espresso Glassware, and their filter lineup (the EXCITE & INSPIRE, PIQUE Carafe & EVOKE Carafe)!

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