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Featured in March 2014

Three in the Tree

"Three in the Tree has a nutty sweet flavour with a floral aroma"





Fair Trade

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Todd Wilford set out to create a roast that everybody will love. Diesel House's small batch, fluid bed roasted coffees set a high bar for consistency in taste. Three in the tree is quickly becoming popular in Muskoka and its smooth, bright finish lends itself to a second cup.

The Coffee of Muskoka

Diesel House Coffee Roasters is situated off Highway 11 which drives straight through the heart of cottage country. Todd and his family have been living in Muskoka since the 1970's.  "It's Muskoka. It's beautiful....We're very fortunate to live here." The Diesel House office, warmed by fireplace, is half cottage half roastery.

"We've built up a reputation for being Muskoka's premium coffee. We touch local people a lot of different ways whether it's on the local grocery store shelf or at the Diesel House cafe in town.", Todd explains. Diesel House also sponsors local triathletes says Todd, "Coffee is a natural stimulant, and it is an important part of multi sport athletics."


"My mornings don't go well without a cup of coffee.", smiles Todd. In fact, it's how they got their name. "I'd call it my 'cup of diesel'. The name really kind of evolved out of that."

On the Right Track

"We brought in friends, family, customers from all over to test our coffees and make sure we were on the right track.", says Todd. Creating something for everybody - and then trying some things differently - was their main goal from the outset.

Fluid Bed Roasting

Most large roasters use what's called the drum roasting method. It works for these large roasters because of capacity, but it can be finicky. 

Diesel House coffees use a Fluid Bed Roaster. "It's based almost on the principle of a popcorn maker where coffee is put in a chamber. The chamber not the beans is brought to a temperature of 450 degrees, then a quench cycle kicks in. Like many things you bring out of an oven, it continues to cook. So we're trying to get it as close as we can to 450 degrees and then cool it off into a chamber which has a downdraft." This means that Diesel house products are very consistent. The computerized system, although not as romantic, leaves little room for human error.

"When people find a coffee they like, we don't want them guessing how each batch is going to taste.", says Todd.

Three In The Tree

Three in the tree is an exceptionally enjoyable fair trade sourced coffee. It's a well-balanced, medium roast that's not so acidic meaning it lends itself to a second cup. "It does have a bit of a unique taste profile to it." Notice a floral taste and a robust aroma.

  • Well Balanced, Medium Roast
  • Less acidic
  • Floral Taste
  • Robust Aroma
  • Bright Finish