Looking to step up your brew? Why not go to the source and ask the best brewer in Canada? Co-Owner of Rogue Wave Coffee, Ply Pasaraj, placed first in the most recent Canadian AeroPress Competition as well as first in the Canadian Brewers Cup competition! He also has a PhD in Biochemistry, so he clearly knows what he’s talking about. Dr. Ply to the brewing rescue with a recipe that he calls the “22122-200 Inverted method”!

“I like to have fun with coffee, and I think this recipe is ridiculously fun to make. You should get a lot of watermelon sweetness, refreshing medium acidity of blackberry, orange, jackfruit, and a soft and long cocoa finish from this AeroPress method. I hope you enjoy making the coffee as much as I enjoyed creating this recipe.”

What you need:

  1. AeroPress and paper filters
  2. Scale and a timer
  3. 22g of the Dukorere Kawa Bukure (medium grind)
  4. 200g of water at 86°C (187°F)
  5. Stirrer


  1. Place the rubber stopper about 1/2 inch into the end of the AeroPress, flip it upside down and place it on the table so that you're looking into the chamber of the brewer. Put the filter in the cap and wet it to remove any paper taste.
  2. Add the 22g of ground coffee to the AeroPress, zero the scale and start the timer.
  3. Add 122g of water in 22 seconds.
  4. Then stir back and forth for 22 seconds.
  5. Put the cap with filter on the AeroPress and wait until the timer shows 1:22.
  6. Flip and plunge for about 30 seconds or until you hear a hissing sound.
  7. The total output should be 98g of brewed coffee, so add 102g of bypass water to get to a total of 200g of coffee. However, feel free to adjust to personal strength preference.
  8. Enjoy!


Ply Pasaraj of Rogue Wave Coffee