In the July 2018 issue we featured an incredible Costa Rican produced by Miguel Ramos and roasted by Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters. We chatted with Phil & Sebastian wholesale manager, coffee aficionado, competitive barista and co-owner of Show & Tell Coffee (Kitchener, Ontario), Chris Tellez, about two brewing methods - a V60 and an AeroPress. He provided two recipes which brings out different aspects of the coffee, making for quite the fun comparative tasting.

AeroPress Brew:

Chris Tellez at Show & Tell brewing an AeroPress

“The AeroPress brew has a silky mouthfeel - almost milky or creamy - a juicy, vibrant acidity with a big almond note and a little bit of banana.”

What you need:

  1. AeroPress and paper filters
  2. Scale and a timer
  3. 16g of the Martin Ramos
  4. 230g of water at 96 °C


  1. Place the rubber stopper about 1/2 inch into the end of the AeroPress, flip it upside down and place it on the table so that you're looking into the chamber of the brewer.
  2. Put the filter in the cap and wet it to remove any paper taste.
  3. Add ground coffee to the AeroPress, zero the scale and start the timer.
  4. Add 230g of the 96 °C water (204°F), making sure to saturate all the grounds.
  5. At the 1:30 mark, screw on the cap with filter and press down on the AeroPress until the coffee starts to bead through the filter. Be careful!
  6. Flip it over onto a mug and slowly press down, filtering the coffee until the 2:30 mark.
  7. Enjoy!
Chris Tellez at Show & Tell brewing an AeroPress

V60 Brew:

“The V60 is a bit lighter, and more tea-like with more clarity in the cup - almond, honeysuckle, toasted marshmallow and a sweet tangerine acidity with more of a graham cracker sweetness.”

What you need:

  1. V60, paper filter and a carafe
  2. Scale and a timer
  3. 22g of the Martin Ramos
  4. 350g of water at 96 °C


  1. Wet the filter with boiling water. Do this over the vessel you’re brewing into to pre-heat it. Discard the water.
  2. Add the 22g of coffee to the V60 filter and level the coffee bed.
  3. Start the timer and pour in 60g of the 96 °C (204 °F) water for the bloom.
  4. At the 30-second mark, begin adding more water to reach 200g of water by the 1:00 mark.
  5. Add the remaining water and finish pouring by the 2:00 mark.
  6. The drawdown should take 30-45 seconds, with the brew finishing at the 2:30-2:45 mark.
  7. Enjoy!


AeroPress at Show & Tell