How to Brew the Aeropress:

This French press plunger looking contraption is actually a fantastic way to make a cup of coffee. It uses a shorter brew time than a French Press and the air pressure improves the extraction.

This product is an Aerobie invention, and if that name sounds familiar, it’s because the brands claim to fame is the Aerobie Pro ring Frisbee which was manufactured with the goal of the making throwing a Frisbee significantly easier. The inventor Alan Adler has taken those same motives to the coffee industry and improved on the brewing of the single coffee cup.

This brewing device is really interesting not only because of the taste profile, but because the best brewing method is still up for debate. It’s a fairly forgiving brew method so getting something great out of it isn’t hard, but how do you brew the perfect cup?

Every year, competitors attempt to answer this question at Aeropress competitions around the world (no joke).

We’ve got a method that works fantastically well for us so here’s a quick brew guide on how to do it. This is the Inverted Method (with a Bloom):


The inventor, Alan Adler, teaches an inventing class and 1 of his 5 inventing tips which I thought was interesting was:

Be willing to try things even if you aren't too confident they’ll work. Sometimes you’ll get lucky.

Which we think is awfully fitting for the Aeropress. If think you have what it takes to compete, or perhaps you want to try something different with the brew method go for it, okay?!?

Happy brewing friends!

The Roasters Pack

P.S - Want more brewing tips for the AeroPress & more? We highly recommend this awesome brew guide by Geoff Woodley, 2011/2012 Central Regional Barista Champion & current lead coffee roaster at Detour Coffee!