The 2023 Advent Calendar is Here

25 coffees.
25 roasters.
25 delicious mornings.

Carefully curated from the most talented Canadian roasters. Featuring a wide range of origins, varieties, and processing methods to take you on a coffee adventure.


When will this ship?

The 2023 Advent Calendar will start shipping the week of November 20th, to make sure you're able to dive in for your first cup on December 1st, 2023.

How many different roasters are there? Who are they?

25 different roasters. They are:

This Coffee Co. ● Toronto, ON
Rosso Coffee Roasters ● Calgary, AB
Quietly Coffee ● Stirling, ON
General Strike ● Vancouver, BC
Seth Taylor Coffee ● Toronto, ON
Drumroaster Coffee ● Cobble Hill, BC
Rogue Wave Coffee ● Edmonton, AB
Cape Coffee ● Cape Broyle, NL
Kapé Philippine Coffee ● Vancouver, BC
Counterpart Coffee ● Squamish, BC
Propeller Coffee Co. ● Toronto, ON
94 Celcius ● Montréal, QC
Ghost Roaster Coffee ● Vancouver,BC
32 Lakes Coffee Roasters ● qathet, BC
RGLR Coffee ● Toronto, ON
Botany Rd ● Vancouver,BC
Have Fun Coffee ● Dartmouth, NS
Escape Coffee Roasters ● Montréal, QC
Yamabiko Coffee ● Montreal, QC
Subtext Coffee Roasters ● Toronto, ON
Sorellina Coffee ● Edmonton, AB
Luna Coffee ● Vancouver, BC
Phil & Sebastian ● Calgary, AB
Epoch Chemistry ● Moncton, NB
Drift Coffee Roasters ● Dawson Creek, BC

Why the medical test tubes?

These test tubes were selected to maintain coffee freshness, and provide an option for you to freeze them if you want to keep them for longer. They fit approximately 18-22g of coffee, and can be reused.

Each Advent Calendar box contains 25 tubes, which allow you to reuse them as needed to store your favourite coffees for weeks, months, and even years!

When you are ready to defrost the coffee, remember to let it come to room temperature before exposing it to air, as condensation may build with thermal shock defrosting and alter your coffee flavour.

These tubes are made from medical grade polypropylene, and have a white area for labeling. The cap has a leak-proof seal, and the tube can withstand temperatures between -80°C to +120°C.

What are the roast levels of these coffees?

All coffees featured are roasted Light to Light-Medium.

What origins, processes, and varietals will I get to try?

You will have about 11 different origins to try, including Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Peru, The Philippines, Thailand, and more.

In the box, there are washed, honey, natural, and experimentally processed coffees. You'll find lots of varietals ranging from Gesha, to Pink Bourbon, to Tekisic, all the way to Chiang Mai, Yellow Icatú, and SL-28.

I have a different question?

Feel free to reach out at our contact us page.


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Carefully curated from the most talented Canadian roasters. Featuring a wide range of origins, varieties, and processing methods to take you on a coffee adventure.