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This Coffee is Fruity - This Coffee Co.

This Coffee is Fruity!

No questions about this coffee's taste profile; THIS tried to get this coffee to be as fruity as possible. Check out the details:

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Natural

Country: Burundi

Region: Nyagishiru

This amazing naturally processed red bourbon coffee from Burundi has tasting notes of strawberries & cream, honey and dark chocolate.

This coffee was processed at the Nyagishiru CWS washing station in the Muyinga Province of Burundi. The station rests on Nyagishiru Hill and is owned by Matraco (Matsitsi Trading Co.), which also owns 7000 trees on the hill. In addition to these trees, they also process cherries from 12 neighbouring hills.

Matraco assists the farmers it works with by providing new seedlings to replace aging trees and helping construct a health center in the province.

This season, while paying their staff almost 60% above the rate for casual labour in Burundi, Busansa also paid all farmers that supplied cherries 20% above the local market rate.

This coffee was dried for 30 days on raised beds while constantly monitored and rotated to promote clean and uniform drying.

This coffee was imported through Forward Coffee, one of the first non-local groups to visit the washing station. They were impressed with how sweet and clean the coffee was and believe it could become one of Burundi's best washing stations in the coming years.

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