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Clever Coffee Dripper (16 oz Capacity)

The Abid Clever Coffee dripper is a rather interesting coffee invention. It's a cross between the french press and a pourover cone (like a V60). In our opinion, it's quite a step up from a French Press. The upside compared to the French Press is the paper filter with this cone, so you won't have to worry about the smaller grind sediment that sneaks through the metal filter of a french press.

Compared to the V60, it's simplicity is what makes it great - add coffee & water, wait 3-4 minutes (stir midway through if you like), and then put it on a cup to release the brewed coffee with the Clever stopper mechanism. Easy as pie and makes a fantastic cup of coffee. Which probably would pair well with pie. Here's a video on how to brew with the Clever!

Made from BPA plastic. Easy cleanup - remove the grounds and rinse in hot soapy water!

Comes with a lid to help keep heat in as well as a coaster. 16oz capacity.

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