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Cafec Flower Dripper Porcelain 2-4 Cup

Form and function converge harmoniously in the beautiful Flower Dripper from CAFEC.

Featuring deep grooves in the shape of flower petals that extend from the top of the dripper cone to its bottom, the Flower Dripper maintains a layer of air between the filter and dripper to facilitate optimal control of flow rate and brew time.

Made with high quality Arita ware porcelain—renowned for its fine texture, refined appearance, and utmost durability—and hand finished in a range of springtime-inspired tones to brighten any coffee ritual.



10 large flower petal shaped vertical grooves provide ideal airflow between cone-shaped filter and dripper, ensuring optimal control of flow rate and brewing time.

Limited surface contact between the filter and ribs of each groove provides improved thermal efficiency and performance.

Fits 60° conical paper filters (CAFEC, Hario, etc.).

Easy-grip handle for simplified handling.

Includes measuring spoon.



Arita ware porcelain; polypropylene spoon.



2-4 Cup — ø4.5" x W5.7" x H3.75" x ø1" outlet | ø113mm x W145mm x H95mm x ø25mm outlet

Designed and Made in Japan

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