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The Roasters Pack

ACME Cupping Set (6 x 210ml bowls)

What do green coffee buyers, roasters, quality control specialists, baristas, and coffee nerds have in common? They all cup coffee!

Cupping helps you taste a wide array of coffees all at once without having to craft a huge batch. Instead of brewing ten V60s, you can easily brew up a wide array of coffees with these sleek cupping bowls. 

Each 210ml bowl is crafted from durable porcelain with a matte shine that gleams in the light. They stack perfectly, making for easy storage, and are dishwasher safe too!

Next time you want to indulge in the coffee-fantasy, host a cupping party with these stylish bowls. Your newly-refined palate will thank you later!

Also - if you need any spoons - we've got these awesome ones here.

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