Rooftop Ethiopia Sidamo SWP Decaf

 Origami with V60 Paper Filter

• Ratio: 20g coffee to 320g water (1:16)

• Grind size: 30 clicks on Comandante MKIII, or medium-coarse (coarse Kosher salt)

• Temperature: 96C / 205F

Water: soft water; if using harder water, please lower temperature to 91C / 195F


• Bloom: 60g for 30 seconds

• Pour: to 160g, then to 320g

• Brew time: 2m10s

Dustin’s notes: “Decaf coffees are usually more porous and soluble in brewing, meaning that extraction tends to happen a little faster. This recipe uses a short brew time to bring out more of the delicate floral and berry notes in the coffee, and maintains acidity to complement the sweetness. If this is too delicate of a brew, try grinding finer or use an AeroPress.”

March 24, 2023 — Zara Snitman

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