Our Director of Coffee, Dustin Ryan Yu, put together two origami brew guides for this Issue of The Light & Adventurous Pack.

Comment on this post what brew method you would like recipes for in the next issue! 

Phil & Sebastian - Evin Herrera

Ratio: 20:320

Grind size: 31 clicks (Origami)

Temperature: 96C

Bloom: 50g, 30s

Pour: 150g, 250g, 320g

Brew time: 2:30

A note from Dustin: "This recipe brought out more of the berry and honey notes, providing more clarity on the nuanced tasting notes"

Quietly Coffee - Moses Venapo

Ratio: 20:320

Grind size: 30 clicks (Origami)

Temperature: 95C

Bloom: 50g, 30s

Pour: 150g, 250g, 320g

Brew time: 1:16

A note from Dustin: "This shorter brew time recipe brought out the silky body of the coffee and showcased the complexity of the coffee. Tasting notes of floral, fruit-forward with a balanced savory note and more dark chocolate earthiness as it cooled down."

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January 30, 2023 — Suneal Pabari

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