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The Roasters Pack

Issue #10 Classic Pack Brew Guides


BIRDY COFFEE CO.: Laerce Franca Faleiros 

What you'll need:

  • A French Press
  • Kettle
  • 450g of water at 94°C/201°F
  • 28g of coffee (medium-fine grind, approx. 820 microns) 
  • Two spoons

    How to make it: 

    1. Add your coffee grounds to your French Press.
    2. Start timer, pour water over coffee grounds, leave plunger aside.
    3. Wait 4 minutes.
    4. Stir the grounds 3 times gently, breaking through the crust that forms on top.
    5. Wait 4 minutes.
    6. Use the two spoons to scoop or skim the foam and floating coffee grounds out of the vessel.
    7. Wait another 2 minutes.
    8. Put the filter plunge on, and plunge gently to separate liquid from coffee grinds.
    9. Pour and enjoy!


    What you'll need:

    • An AeroPress
    • Filter of choice (Two AeroPress standard filters preferred)
    • 14g of coffee (medium grind, approx. 900 microns)
    • 220g of water at 92°C/197°F
    • 10g of room temperature water
    • Carafe or vessel for your AeroPress

      How to make it:

      1. Place your paper filter/ filters into the AeroPress cap.
      2. Put the cap on the AeroPress, and set the AeroPress on your carafe.
      3. Wet your filter to rinse out any undesirable flavours.
      4. Pour the 14g of ground coffee into the chamber.
      5. Start your timer, carefully add 220g of water.
      6. Stir 10 times, then immediately put on the plunger to avoid coffee dripping through.
      7.  At 1m10s, slowly press the plunger for 40 seconds until complete.
      8. For more clarity, add 20g of bypass water as required.
      9. Enjoy!

      THIS COFFEE CO.: This Coffee is Rwanda

      What you'll need:

      • Origami cone-style dripper (plastic is preferred over ceramic) 
        • If you don’t have an Origami dripper, you can use either a Kalita Wave dripper, or a V60 cone-style dripper, depending on the paper type. If the recipe calls for a wave-style filter, please use a Kalita Wave, and grind slightly coarser. If the recipe calls for a cone-style filter, please use a V60, and grind slightly coarser.. 
      • V60 cone-style paper filter
      • Carafe
      • Gooseneck Kettle
      • 320g of water at 92°C/197°F
      • 20g of coffee (medium grind, approx. 840 microns)

      How to make it:

      1. Start by wetting the filter in your Origami dripper.
      2. Pour the 20g of ground coffee into the dripper.
      3. Start your timer, pour 50g of the hot water in slowly and gently.
      4. At 0m30s, pour an additional 100g of water (to ~150g).
      5. At 0m50s, pour an additional 50g of water (to ~200g).
      6. At 1m10s, pour an additional 50g of water (to ~250g).
      7. At 1m40s, pour the remaining 70g of water (to ~320g).
      8. The coffee should drip through in 2m30s.
      9. Enjoy!



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