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Daniel Moranville

Founder of KOHI Coffee Roasters

Interview with Daniel Moranville, Founder of KOHI Coffee Roasters

We are so thrilled to welcome KOHI Coffee Roasters back to the pack! We sat down with founder, Daniel Moranville, to learn more about his journey, the story behind KOHI, and a special coffee from his menu.
How did you get into specialty coffee?
I started as a curious home barista that used pre-ground coffee from the grocery story until I discovered specialty coffee at a cafe in Montréal. I had a flat white with a natural Ethiopian for the first time and was like “Oh, shoot! That’s… something!”. Before I discovered specialty coffee, my goals were solely focused on how to prepare the best espresso and milk-based beverages. After my first taste of specialty, I became more focused on learning more about the different origins, processing methods, etc. 
When did you decide to roast?
Somewhere along my journey of discovering specialty coffee, I began to wonder if I would be able to roast coffee that I would personally love to drink. However, I soon realized that roasting would be too costly of a hobby to pursue. A year later, I got the opportunity to roast coffee for a new wholesale partner! It was actually my girlfriend’s new job that was looking for a coffee supplier, so I thought I could give it a try and I began roasting for them on a small sample roaster in my backyard shed. I did that for about a year and a half, but after the chimney caught fire twice, I figured it was time to rent some time at a roasting cooperative. Eventually my production increased and I finally decided to rent a small space with my own roaster, which is the same one we have now!
Can you tell us about the name KOHI?
A few years before I branded the business, I went to Japan with my eldest son for two weeks. We just loved every bit of what we saw there. Japanese culture fits so much with how I think about life, and the details they put into everything they do is what I want to do in coffee. So when I began to think about a name for my business, I typed “coffee” into Google Translate for the Japanese translation and found it. “Kohi” sounds good, it’s four letters, and it reminds me of Japan. 

Photo by @jpl_photography (Jean-Philip Lessard)

Photo by @jpl_photography (Jean-Philip Lessard)

This is the second time we’ve had your coffee "Oh Fudge, Yuki!" return to the pack! For the subscribers who haven’t had this coffee yet, can you tell them a bit about Yuki Minami and Aequitas Coffee?
Aequitas Coffee is the organization Yuki started with other women, and we got in touch with the project via Crop to Cup in Brooklyn. They have a branch of their business where they sell smaller quantities of their coffee and that’s where we bought this coffee for the first time. I was speaking with Maya from Crop to Cup, and as she told me about Yuki and Aequitas Coffee, I was really taken by Yuki’s story. At Kohi, of course we love great coffee, but we love great stories even more. These stories make these coffees so much more meaningful for us. 
What about Yuki’s story attracted you?
She took her family farm and brought it to another level. She is also always looking to improve quality and uplift other producers in the coffee industry with her work at Aequitas Coffee. A lot of other producers are under her wing, and she’s sharing her knowledge selflessly to improve coffee quality and profitability in her community.
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