Japanese iced coffee recipes are a great way to maintain the brightness in a cold drink. If you’ve been drinking a lot of cold brew, the differences between these two methods – even with the same coffee – will be night and day.


We’ve dialed in this brew recipe to get the perfect, refreshing drink to cool down with on those hot summer days.

What you'll need:

  • V60, Filters & Carafe
  • 20g of coffee (medium-fine grind)
  • 100g of Ice
  • 240g of water at 200°F
  • How to make it:

    1. Start by wetting the filter in your V60 to remove any of the paper filter taste.
    2. Add in the 100g of ice into the carafe.
    3. Pour the 20 grams of ground coffee to the V60 filter and start your timer.
    4. Pour 60g of the 200°F water and stir to ensure proper saturation of all dry coffee.
    5. At 60 seconds, pour an additional 60g of water. Stir in a north, south, east, west motion to ensure there are no clumps of coffee slurry. Do a light circular stir to ensure the coffee grinds bed levels out.
    6. At 1:45, slowly pour in the final 120g of water. Do a final stir to collapse the grounds, making a flat bed.
    7. The coffee should drip through around the 4 minute mark.
    June 02, 2022 — Lauren Scratch

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