Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update on the latest February issue we shipped out and where your coffee is at.

Unfortunately, the update isn’t an awesome one: Canada Post is certainly having some challenges at their local sorting facility.

On Monday our Canada Post pick up came as scheduled. However, as some of you have noticed on your tracking, nothing was scanned in. We’ve opened tickets, and Matt from our operations team is working his butt off to dig in with Canada Post to get things moving.

However, if you’ve been following the news, you may have heard there was an outbreak at a Canada Post facility. As a result, they’ve had to shut down certain shifts and implement new protocols. Shutting down a facility with 4,500 employees has most definitely had an effect on the service.

On the bright side:

For Canada Post? They’ve worked with the local health officials and have changed things up at their facility to be safer for their employees with new distancing rules, new sanitation rules along with implementing regular testing at the facility. Hopefully, that means people will be safe when they go to work, which is the most important thing here.

For your coffee? We’re starting to see progress! It took about 1 week for the coffee to get scanned in at their facility, and I think that last week would have been the most challenging for Canada Post with the implementation of new safety protocols.

Personally, I’m an optimist, and I believe that they’ll get their systems sorted in a way that things can be safe for their employees again while operating at a better pace. Your coffee should be moving through soon.

That being said, we’re keeping tabs on the shipments as well as trying to stay in contact with our representatives at Canada Post. We’re also looking into other solutions to make sure you don’t have any future interruptions with your shipments.

Apologies for the delays with your February shipment. Hopefully, when it does show up – the wait will be worth it, as the coffees featured this month are dang tasty.

Also – one last thing: We have had a few people reach out via email wondering where their shipment is. Hannah (who has been running our customer support recently - and absolutely crushing it), has mentioned that you have been quite nice and understanding, despite the fact that your coffee is delayed.

So – thanks to our subscribers for being some of the best, most understanding, awesome coffee-lovers out there <3

Stay safe,

Suneal @ The Roasters Pack


Brandon, our Social Media/Photographer extraordinaire, waiting patiently. Coffee is on the way Brandon!

Brandon, our Social Media/Photographer extraordinaire, waiting patiently. Coffee is on the way Brandon!

February 08, 2021 — Suneal Pabari

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