We chatted with David Boucher, the Co-Founder of Escape Coffee Roasters, to get an update on how things are going at their roastery.

“The company and our products are all certified carbon neutral. We now deliver everything on Montreal Island electronically with a Tesla Y model that has a trailer attached. We want to make sure our impact on the world is positive; that's why the company was created, and that’s still a core value. The business is growing, but our values are still the same.”

“We have added someone to the team that takes care of everything social and environmental within the company. She looks at every process, from hiring staff to relationships with producers and importers, to ensure all our relationships are nice and fair. And she does the same thing regarding the environment; she ensures we are environmentally friendly.”

“Regarding sourcing, we look at every producer partner and washing station and ensure we have a positive impact every time we buy coffee. We have contacts going on five years, and we want to continue growing our volume to those producers. We are still roasting at the Canadian Roasting Society, but we plan to open our own roastery this year.”

April 21, 2023 — Zara Snitman

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