Jonathan Cox, the Head Roaster at Propeller Coffee Co. shared the pour-over recipe that he has been loving for this coffee.

“I’ve been experimenting with an extra-long bloom recently and I think it works especially well for this coffee. The long bloom time really helps the coffee brew evenly and completely. It helps the flavours and the clarity come through in a way that I don't usually experience outside of cupping,” Cox told us.


• An open-bottom pour-over (V60/Origami).

• 20g of coffee (A couple of clicks coarser than you would typically do for a pour-over).

• 340g of water at 95º C.

• A scale and timer.


1. Start by wetting the filter in your V60 cone to remove any paper taste.

2. Pour 20g of ground coffee into your brewer.

3. Bloom with 60g of water for 2 minutes.

 4. At the 2-minute mark, do two quick pours of 140g of water each. The total brew time should be between 3:40-4:00 minutes.

6. Enjoy!


January 13, 2023 — Zara Snitman

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