Jonathan Cox, the Head Roaster at Propeller Coffee Co. shared with us his go-to Kalita Wave recipe that is tailored to decaffeinated coffees. 

“It’s a good standard recipe. It’s one that is designed for coffees that are more soluble and easy to extract. This tends to be true for decaf coffees and is certainly true for this coffee. The extra processing from the decaffeination process breaks down the structure of the coffee a little more so you end up with a coffee that is easier to pull flavour out of,” Cox explained. 


•20g of ground coffee.

•340g of water at ~200F (Approximately 30 seconds off boil).

•Kalita Wave 155 & Filter.


1. Wet the filter with boiling water. Do this over the vessel you’re brewing into to pre-heat it. Discard the water.

Note from Jonathan: You don’t want to destroy the shape of the filter so you have to be careful when you wet it, make sure it’s centred and push it down a little bit – so you can see the bottom of the filter is flat.

2. Add the 20g of coffee to the Kalita wave.

3. Tare the scale and start the timer. Pour 60g of water and allow it to bloom for 30 seconds.

4. Then do two pours of 140g of water each.

5. On the last pour give it a circular stir so the slurry has a little bit of a spin spiralling down.

 Note from Jonathan: At the end of each pour I try and pour around the outside just to wash grinds from the side of the filter down into bed.

6. The brewing should finish up between the 2:30 and 3-minute mark. 

7. Enjoy! 

January 19, 2023 — Zara Snitman

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