We featured the El Aguante by Kittel in our Issue #3 Classic Pack, and we can’t get enough of this coffee on Chemex!

Liam Robichaud, Director of Coffee at Kittel Coffee, provided a Chemex brew guide tailored to bring out the best in this El Aguante.


Robichaud explains why this coffee tastes so dark good brewers on a Chemex:

"I love [the El Aguante] on Chemex. It's got that balance of chocolate and fruit. Any Colombian coffee that is roasted well will taste great on a Chemex."

Are you intrigued to give it a try? Here's a Chemex brew guide that will make your El Agunate sing!

The Specs:

  • Brew Ratio: 13.63:1
  • Grind Size: Medium Coarse
  • Water Temperature: 96°C
  • Brewing Time: 4:30 +/- 0:30
  • The Steps:

    1. 1. Open the folded Chemex filter and place the lined side over the spout.
    2. 2. Wet the filter with boiling water to eliminate the taste of the paper and heat the container.
    3. 3. Discard the water.
    4. 4. Place 55g of ground coffee in the Chemex filter and shake to distribute evenly.
    5. 5. Start the timer and pour 250g of water in concentric circles for 30 seconds.
    6. 6. Wait until 1:00, then pour another 250g of water for 30 seconds.
    7. 7. At 2:30, finish the pour with the remaining 250g for 30 seconds. The brew should drain between 4:00 and 5:00. If too quick or too long, adjust the grind size accordingly.
        8. Stir, drink, and enjoy.


      March 11, 2022 — Lauren Scratch

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