We recently mailed out the November Issue of the Roasters Pack, which featured coffee from Kittel Coffee Co., Other Brother Roasters & Pig Iron Coffee Roasters. Each one of the coffees had a diverse flavor set and unique taste characteristics.

So unique that it got us thinking... if these roasts were songs, which songs would they be? Yes, we’re about to compare coffee to music. It surprisingly took us a fair amount of time to decide since we’re music junkies and we had to find the absolute, utmost, correct tune. It was a very scientific process (probably about as complicated as the Rosetta comet landing) and we have the results below!

Kittel Coffee Co – Konga Yirgacheffe:

This solo piano piece is by the amazing artist Todor Kobakov. Often known for his soundtrack work, he released a solo album in 2009 which is incredibly underrated. One of the tracks, Little Warrior, is the ultimate soundtrack for drinking the Konga Yirgacheffee by Kittel Coffee Co.

The gentle beginnings of the song remind us of the delicate tones of the coffee. It’s a sweet and pleasant brew. However, don’t confuse that with simple, because the Ethiopian is complex. The swirling notes that begin at 0:31 parallel this coffees complexity. At the 2 minute mark is when your tongue moves past the black tea and begins to pick up on the peach-plum notes.

A gentle, complex and brilliant track that leaves you wanting more.

Other Brother Roasters – Finca Kassandra Pacamara:

Oh The Darcys. We can’t say enough about them. And just like Other Brother Roasters, they’re two Canadian gems that don’t get enough love.

This track, Close to Me, starts off by keeping its hand close to its chest. It’s a bit of a mystery. You’re not quite sure which direction this song is heading. The rumbling bassline kicks in and sets the tone for the song – which reminds us of the thicker texture and body that this brew carries. Then an optimistically sounding guitar riff starts up at 1:36 and is a lot like the cherry notes that you taste in the Kassandra. Sweet. Pleasant. Amicable. At 2:13, the distortion pedal is hit and this song takes a turn.

It mirrors the coffee as when the cup cool it’s a completely different experience than when you’re drinking warm. The coffee cold is savory, but the melody that kicks in at 2:56 reminds us that even though it’s dark and different, there’s a definite pleasantry to this brew.

Pig Iron Coffee Roasters – La Esperanza

The Bay by the british band Metronomy is groovy. Austin Powers would be all over this song. This song is one you can listen to all day. It’s pleasing. However, it’s not overly simple. There’s a lot going on in this song, even though ever element rests heavily within the one theme... the theme of groove.

There’s a lot going on in this brew with the sweetness: Dates to caramel to orange to red grape. It's not an overpowering sweetness - they all work in harmony. Just like the song with the complexity between the bassline, the keyboard and the harmonizing vocals that all work fantastically together.

Groovy baby.


What do you think about our musical choices? Which ones would you have picked? Send us a tweet and let us know your thoughts!

November 15, 2014 — Suneal Pabari

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