The Roasters Pack recently won the eCommerce Innovation “Consumer Choice” Award put on by Canada Post. Pretty sweet! The fact that it was consumer choice means that it we won because of the voting that our supporters put forward. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who voted for us! Thank you thank you thank you!

After multiple high-fives and playing Death From above 1979 at an irresponsibly loud volume, we decided - why not share the love?

The deliberation on how to share the love was easy – we know our subscribers like coffee, they like trying different coffees and because of all the voting that was incentivized by a contest, we wrapped it all together with a contest.

Enter: Tip of My Tongue Contest

We included 40 grams of a 4th mystery coffee roasted by one of our October featured roasters – Detour Coffee. It’s unlabeled and we want to let our subscribers try and figure out which one of the 4 options we listed that it could be. If they get it right? They’ll be entered in a draw to win a full bag of the coffee and a $20 gift card to our store!

Take a guess & tag us on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook so we can see your selection!

Be sure to enter before October 22th! That’s the day we’re cutting off the entrants… mainly because Detour is almost done roasting this mystery single origin and we want to make sure whoever wins, gets the coffee fresh.

P.S – how cool is this video that one of our subscribers entered? The bar has been raised!

October 08, 2014 — Suneal Pabari

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