We recently mailed out the March Issue of the Roasters Pack, which featured Diesel House, Carvalho Coffee & Bean North Coffee. Each one of the roasts had diverse flavors and unique taste characteristics.

So unique that it got us thinking... if these roasts were songs, which songs would they be? Yes, we’re about to compare coffee to music. It surprisingly took us a fair amount of time to decide since we’re music junkies and we had to find the absolute, utmost, correct tune. It was a very scientific process and we have the results below.

Let’s start with the Bean North Ethiopian Sidama. This bean has dark cherry and strawberry flavors that are at the forefront of the profile. It’s a very sweet brew. If it were a song, it would probably be this track by The Most Serene Republic that, just like the brew, has a structured complexity to it.


We featured the Carvalho Coffee Medium Dark roast in our March issue, which is a deep and complex coffee. The more you drink it the more you realize that there’s a lot there. Like this song by Rodrigo Y Gabriela - the more you consume it, the more it grows on you:


The final coffee that was featured was the Diesel House “Three in the Tree”. This is an earthy nutty coffee with a close connection to bonfires and lakeside patios. The folksy, down-to-earth song 'Always' by Junip reminds us of a peaceful moment of reflection before a full day.


For those of you who were lucky enough to get involved with the March Issue, what tracks would you say best represent the roasts? Do you agree with our musical assessment? It was a pretty fun process for us, so give it a shot and share your thoughts!

March 07, 2014 — Suneal Pabari

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