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Cafec Abaca Trapezoid 103 (#4) Paper Filter


Composed with a blend of non-wood Abaca (also known as Manila hemp) and wood pulp, CAFEC Abaca Paper Filters feature good air and liquid permeability, strength and elasticity, and are highly regarded for their quality and performance. 

The ABACA fiber is four times as strong as that of normal wood pulp though it is half thin of wood fiber. Thanks to the advantages, many professionals also appreciate the high quality of Cafec's“ABACA filter paper”.


    • Material: Virgin Pulp
    • Pack Size: 100 filters
    • Density: Medium
    • Two-Sided Crepe


The inside crepe enhances total surface area to maintain smooth water path despite fines adhesion; outside crepe maintains a layer of air between filter and dripper to promote steady flow.


Fine mesh paper facilitates stable flow of water with superior clarity in the cup.


These filters are perfect for the Clever coffee brewer - as well as multiple other automatic brewers that use #4 sized filters!

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