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The Roasters Pack

Featured In November 2019

Elysian Coffee Roasters

“I find Baudelio to be a very rich coffee with high sweetness and balanced acidity. Notes of dried plum, dark chocolate and a low but present ferment character in some cups, which to me comes across like a fortified wine.”

Timothy Helmuth,

Head Roaster

Dark Chocolate

Dried Plum

Fortified Wine

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
Bukalasi #13

“This coffee is very syrupy and complex, with bergamot, hibiscus and a honey-like sweetness that comes to the front. The sweetness lingers, almost like a sweet aftertaste of licorice.”

Damian Durda,

Green Buyer




Transcend Coffee Roasters

“What we love about this coffee is it tastes like a floral peach black tea. It's got a really refined flavour profile that still has plenty of sweetness. It's complex and delicate but also just very drinkable and very delicious.”

Josh Hockin,

Director of Coffee




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