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The Roasters Pack

Featured In November 2017

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

"This coffee shares similar qualities to that of other superb Ethiopian coffees in initially bringing forward tasting notes of lavender and peach. As one continues to drink, notes of grapefruit and sweet orange arise and are infused."

Jeff Shin,




Earl Grey Tea

Pilot Coffee Roasters
Sumava de Lourdes

“It’s got this heavy presence; it’s very syrupy which I think pairs well with the raisin and the brown sugar tasting notes. I think it’s a bit like bread and butter pudding – an old English dessert.”

Andrew Long,

Coffee Educator


Brown Sugar


Cut Coffee
Guatemala: Codech

"Codech opens with a sparkling burst of raspberry. It rounds out thick with heavy cream before going full chocolate. The finish is long with black cherry and candied almond notes."

Lee Knuttila,

Head Roaster & Green Buyer


Black Cherry

Almond Joy

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