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The Roasters Pack

Featured In January 2020

Propeller Coffee Co.
Baroida Estate

“This coffee is tea-like with a soft body and mouthfeel. It has a nice apricot taste to it with lots of caramel sweetness and lemony brightness.”

Seth Taylor,


Grapefruit Tonic



Quietly Coffee
Tabu Burka

“This naturally processed Ethiopian coffee has fruity notes of apricot and strawberry with a delicate, tea-like body.”

Andrew Long,

Account Manager


Lemon Curd

Earl Grey Tea

Detour Coffee Roasters
Holiday Blend

“Nuit Blanche has a rich, full body with a nice balance of chocolate, rich, fruity sweetness, and a bit of ginger-bread spice to finish off.”

Liam Robichaud,

Director of Coffee

Berry Compote

Candied Citrus


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