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The Roasters Pack

Featured In February 2019

Rosso Coffee Roasters

“The creamy, milky-ness is the interesting defining feature of this coffee but the acidity is also really complex and crisp. It's a complex profile with lower tones coming through with pecan and pastry notes.”

Cole Torode,

Director of Coffee


Sweet Pastry


Seth Taylor: Coffee By Design
Ethiopia Ardi

“This coffee is tea-like, but with a body that isn’t too heavy. It has a nice round juiciness, that finishes up with stone fruit, and a bit of tangy grapefruit”

Seth Taylor,



Black Tea


Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters
Alfonso Matheus

“I think what comes out first is you get this punchy acidity that's has a lot of that pineapple and passionfruit kind of character, but immediately a lot of dark chocolate. It's like dark chocolate with a bit of hazelnut… I think the sweetness balances it really well.”

Chris Tellez,

Account Manager

Passion Fruit

Dark Chocolate


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