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This Coffee is Decaf (Indonesia Swiss Water Process)

Yes, believe it or not - decafs can be delicious! This is quite the rare decaf too, because of the origin and the processing. Check out the details:

Varietal: Kartika

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Decaffeination Method: Swiss Water Process

Country: Indonesia

Region: Bali

“This coffee stood out on the cupping table with many caffeinated coffees, and once it was revealed that this was a decaf, we had to get it!” Dustin Ryan Yu, the Director of Coffee at This Coffee Co., raved.

There was a lot of intention that went into processing this coffee. 

Mikael Jasin, the founder of the CATUR Coffee Company, produced a slightly overly fermented anaerobic coffee. This means that the fruity, winey and boozy notes were slightly too pronounced. He then sent this coffee to Swiss Water, whose processing slightly muted the overly fermented flavours in the coffee and left behind a beautifully fruit-forward cup.

“This coffee has delicate florals in the fragrance and this lingering flavour, but the predominant notes will be champagne grapes and lots of honey-like sweetness. But depending on the day or how it is brewed, I can also get guava and dried fruit notes. It’s a complex one,” Yu explained.

This Coffee is Decaf // This Coffee is Local // This Coffee is Ethical // This Coffee is Environmentally Friendly // This Coffee is Delicious

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