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This Coffee is Exclusive Vol #6: Byron Corrales

In Issue #4 of The Light & Adventurous pack, we featured a naturally processed  Nicaraguan coffee from Don Byron Corrales. 

Hailing from Matagalpa, Nicaragua, coffee farming has been in Don Byron's family for generations, and you can taste his knowledge and expertise in the cup. 

This coffee starts with a crisp and bright white grape acidity and has a medium body with tropical fruit sweetness to balance it out.

As it cools, it leaves red and yellow fruit (think strawberry, mango, and apricot) on your palate and finishes with a classic dark chocolate note, as in many Nicaraguan coffees. 

Don Byron now owns four farms with his family in the El Arenal natural reserve in the community of Aranjuez. The farms share a wet mill on their original farm, Finca Los Pinos.

The family runs an energy-efficient farm and runs the mill off electricity generated from a hydroelectric plant in the reservoir.

“Don Byron cares for his farm, and everything is held to a high standard. For example, the coffees are dried to a specific moisture content, rested for 30 days after drying, then milled, and rested for 15 days before being shipped out." Dustin Ryan Yu, the Director of Coffee at This Coffee Co., explained. 

Want to try this coffee? Don't forget it's Exclusive; get your hands on it before it's gone! 125g bags.

This Coffee is Exclusive // This Coffee is Local // This Coffee is Ethical // This Coffee is Environmentally Friendly // This Coffee is Delicious

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