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Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar by Chachalate & This Coffee Co

Small batch chocolate.


Small batch coffee.


A Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar. 

This small run of chocolate is a custom batch made by our new friends and chocolatiers over at Chachalate. Featuring Madagascar cocoa, and an Ethiopian coffee, the combination is mindblowing.

Chachalates' goal is to create a chocolate bar that highlights the unique flavours of the cocaos origin - leading to a super flavourful experience. Which is why when designing this coffee-chocolate-bar, they wanted something flavourful and fruity.

Enter: This Coffee is Fruity. Roasted by our sister company, This Coffee Co., the combination created a fruity, flavour-bomb of a chocolate bar.

Each bar is 35 grams (and oh-so-delicious).

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Shipping from Toronto, Canada.

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