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The Roasters Pack

Black Friday 2022 (All the deals + win coffee for a year!)


Black Friday is our one and only sale of the year! This year, we’ve got some sweet deals for coffees, merch and gear, plus a contest where you can win a years worth of coffee (the contest is here!). What more could you want eh? 

The last thing? Now is the best time to subscribe or gift The Roasters Pack as our prices will never get lower. 

I’ll explain more about that below. But first, how about some deals?

New coffees at an awesome deal:

Black Friday Coffees on Sale Decaf Festive Half-Caf Coffee Collective

This Coffee is Decaf - $6/bag (Save 25%)

A rare Ethiopian decaf that was decaffeinated via the sugar cane method (tasting like pineapples & black tea).

This Coffee is Half-Caf - $6/bag (Save 25%)

A half-caf coffee to help make those afternoon coffee decisions easy (tasting like peach pie, black tea, and tangerine).

This Coffee is Festive - $6/bag (Save 25%)

Our take on a holiday blend (it tastes like spiced mulled wine, tangerines and dark chocolate).

Want to buy 10 bags of “This Coffee is Festive” and bless everyone in your family with tasty mornings? We’re going to hook you up with our wholesale pricing if you do ($5.50 per bag).

Also, new deal adding in! Save $25 on all 5lb bags of This Coffee Co

Fruity? Espresso? Dark? Earthy? Chocolatey? Whatever flavour profile you like best, we've got you covered.

Coffee Collective - Halo (Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia)- $19/bag (Save $5)

Coffee Collective - Vista Hermosa (Huehuetenango, Guatemala) - $19/bag (Save $5)

Wear your love of coffee:

coffee hats and coffee socks on sale

We recently made “Coffee” hats and “Coffee” socks!

We first ‘released’ the Coffee hats at the AeroPress event in Toronto last month, and it’s been incredibly fun to see baristas around the city repping the hats.

Get a hat for $29.95 (Save $10)

Black with white text stitching.

Natural white with black text stitching.

Pale blue with brown text stitching.

"Coffee Coffee Coffee" Socks

Yes, we also got coffee socks made!

As a subtle nod to The Roasters Pack, we have the words coffee x 3.

We splurged and got the soft material too. These are the types of socks you're actually going to want to wear. So. Comfy!

Get a pair of socks for $13.95 (Save $4)

Try a new way to brew:

ACME Cupping Set (6 x 210ml bowls) & Umeshiso - Cupping Spoon (Goth Black)

A cupping set is the ultimate pairing with your subscription to The Roasters Pack - it will help you taste a wide array of coffees all at once without having to brew up a big batch. Save 25% on both spoons and a cupping set.

Origami Dripper Size M

Yes, this beautiful brewer is also for sale! With the 20 ridges, it optimizes the bloom and brew speed for optimal pour control. 20 ridges? 20% off. 

Try some specialty chocolate?

3-Pack of Chachalate Chocolate Bars (65g x 3 Bars)

We’re big fans of what Ryan at Chachalate are up to. He’s all about finding the best cocoa and showcasing the intrinsic fruity characteristics. This three pack has their 'Tanzania Bright', 'Caramel & Cocoa Nib Crunch', and 'Okanagan Cherry'.

Save $10 on this three pack. The perfect pairing with The Roasters Pack. On that note...

Subscribe or Gift The Roasters Pack?

Now is the best time to subscribe or gift The Roasters Pack as our prices will never get lower. 

In fact… on Tuesday, November 29th (EST), our prices are going up.

Yes, that darn inflation has hit us too. We haven't ever increased our prices in the past 8+ years of operations, but we can only swallow the cost hikes for so long. Boxes, bags, shipping, and of course, coffee - literally everything has been climbing in costs.

But! The price change will only impact new subscribers after November 29th. So, if you order a subscription now (or already have an on-going subscription), you’ll be locked in at our lowest price.

If you've been tempted before, don't miss out and get yourself a subscription and take yourself on a coffee adventure.

Alternatively? Just win a year of coffee here on our Instagram ;)

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