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Black Friday 2021 is HERE!


The Black Friday weekend is here! We’ve got our one and only sale of the year:

Two sweet new gift bundles to help someone dive into specialty coffee or into the world of specialty espresso. The best stocking stuffers on sale (also known as fun little presents for yourself). 

(Limited quantities on everything here - so act fast before it’s gone!)

The Bundles:

We built these to make your gifting easy peasy. One-click and voila, you’ve just made a coffee lover exceptionally happy. For many, many mornings to come.

(Plus, it’s a sweet deal, so your wallet will be thanking you too).

Specialty Coffee 101 Bundle

Specialty Coffee 101 Bundle:

Hoping to gift someone the world of specialty coffee? This comprehensive bundle covers all your specialty coffee must-haves and makes the perfect gift for any budding barista in your life.


  • A 3x8oz 3 months subscription to our “Light & Adventurous” pack.
  • "The World Atlas of Coffee" by James Hoffman
  • "Sip n Slurp" by Freda Yuan
  • Coffee Tasting Journal
  • Perfect Coffee Water 3-Pack

Delicious coffee to brew, books to learn more, a journal to track it all and 3 water sachets to dial it in. Shipping out on December 13th, 2021!

Get it all for only $199.95!

Espresso 101 Bundle

Espresso 101 Bundle:

Have an espresso lover in your life? This all-encompassing bundle is the one to get them if you want to make their mornings perfect (hopefully they like to share).


  • A 2x12oz 3 months subscription to our Espresso pack.
  • "Coffee Art" Book by 5-Time UK Latte Art Champ Dhan Tamang
  • "The Professional Barista's Handbook" by Scott Rao
  • Coffee Tasting Journal

Delicious espressos to dive into, books to learn more about art and extractions, and a journal to track all the experiments. Shipping out on December 13th, 2021!

Get it all for only $199.95!

Stocking Stuffers/Other Awesome Things:

This Coffee is Festive

This Coffee is Festive:

The perfect coffee pairing to the holidays?

A coffee that tastes like gingerbread, dried fruits, nuts, and candied oranges!

This new release is a blend of two fresh lots - one naturally processed Ethiopian and a Guatemalan from Mataquescuintla. Combine the two, and you get a cozy cup that takes your senses on a festive trip.

Get it for $5. Save $2.49 per bag. (whaaaaat?!)

Blume Tea:

This Coffee is Festive

This sentence sounds blasphemous… but sometimes you’ve had enough coffee (only sometimes, though). So how about a delicious cup of tea to hold you over? Which flavour sounds the most delicious to you?

Matcha Coconut Blend?

Beetroot Blend?

Turmeric Blend?

or the Cacao Turmeric Blend?

Click the names and pick your preference - 25% off today!

This Coffee is Cascara:

This Coffee is Cascara

How about a tea… made from coffee?

The cherries from the coffee plant are dried and steep into a delicious tea with an apple cider-like acidity and flavours of prune, raspberry, watermelon and golden raisin.

This specific lot stands out among the rest - and it's all because of the attention to detail at the farm level.

Ricardo Pérez and brothers Felipe and Marvin Rodriguez produced this tea in Costa Rica at their Helsar de Zarcero Micromill - and they collaborated with the University of Costa Rica to make it happen.

(TLDR? Science helped make this tea possible)

Get Cascara for $5.95. Save 25%

Barista Secrets: Creative Coffee at Home by Ryan Soeder & Kohei Matsuno

Barista Secrets: Creative Coffee at Home by Ryan Soeder & Kohei Matsuno

A creative comprehensive guide to crafting coffee-shop-level works of art at home! This book includes five ready-to-use stencils and a broad gallery of latte art to help you on your journey to becoming an expert, latte-art aficionado!

From covering the basics of creating a third-wave cup of coffee to detailing the emergence of 3D latte art, this book will inform you on everything you need to know about creating delicious and visually stunning coffee!

This book is perfect for a Barista looking to get equipped with all skills to set up their game. Save 25% and get it for $14.95.

Perfect Coffee Water - 15 Sachet Box:

Perfect Coffee Water

It’s no surprise we’re a huge fan of what Perfect Coffee Water is up to. They help make coffee more delicious! Coffee is essentially 98% water, so the mad scientists at PCW figured out how to squeeze more deliciousness out of your cup.

Each individual sachet contains the answer to creating a sweeter brew with more clarity and smoothness, that replicates the water from your local coffee shop. Except you don't have to leave the house to achieve that third-wave flavour!

This box contains 15 sachets and creates 5 gallons or 56.7 litres of enhanced water. Enough to brew 160x12oz cups.

Save $7 per box. Get it today for $24.95!

Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar by Chachalate & This Coffee Co:

Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar by Chachalate & This Coffee Co:

Small batch chocolate.


Small batch coffee.


A Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar.

This small run of chocolate is a custom batch made by our new friends and chocolatiers over at Chachalate. Featuring Madagascar cocoa, and an Ethiopian coffee, the combination is mindblowing.

Get it for $5 per bar. 25% off!

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Limited quantities on everything here - so here's our second warning - act fast before it’s gone!

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