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The Roasters Pack

Black Friday 2019 Edition!


Black Friday: The BIG Soulful Bundle


Oh yes. It’s that time of the year again. The time when groggy future-you will look back on today and thank the great decisions you made.

Act fast because these sweet deals will vanish fast, these deals will be expiring Saturday (November 30th, 11:59 EST)!

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First off? The BIG SOULful Gift Bundle


The perfect gift for someone who likes delicious things. How about some delicious chocolate to add to delicious coffee? 

Included is a 3-Month, 8oz x 3 subscription to The Roasters Pack, plus a 6-pack of 28g single-origin bars from Soul Chocolate with their 1st delivery!

Not only will the gift recipient be able to discover and try Canada's best coffees, they'll also be able to dive into different single origin chocolates by the Canadian chocolate roaster, Soul Chocolate. Saving over $25, plus free shipping!

Now only $149.95

Next? The Pourover Primer Bundle


Get a friend into specialty coffee and show them how great coffee can be with The Pourover Primer.

Included is a 6-month subscription (4oz x 3 coffees) of The Roasters Pack, plus a Hario Pourover Kit (Hario V60, Filters and Carafe), the book “How to Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean” by Lani Kingston and the 33 Cups of Coffee Journal. Savings over $30 and free shipping!

Now only $194.95


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Get Yourself Geared Up:

Now, time to gift yourself and step up your coffee game:

The sweetest (and most stylish) way to carry your coffee. Get 25% off!

Get the KEEP CUP here!

Are you the next AeroPress Champ? There's one way to find out.Get 20% off!

Get the AeroPress here!

Here's your chance to play around with a new (awesome) brewer! Get 25% off!

Get the Kalita Wave 185 + Filters here!

You might be thinking - 'Oh hey, I'm a subscriber and I remember getting a coupon code IMASUBSCRIBER that'll bundle any gear purchases with my next subscription order and give me free shipping. Will that code work with these deals?' Well, you inquisitive individual with great memory - you betcha that code will work!


The deals are vanishing soon, BUT if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our contact form!

Much Love!
The Roasters Pack Team

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